Breloc de spionaj Mini microfon spy Pix cu camera foto GPS tracker

GPS Tracker n8 si microfon spy

Urmareste pozitia prin coordonate de Latitudine si Longitudine ce pot fi urmarite pe orice GPS auto, PDA, laptop prin Google Maps.

Functie microfon spion : Monitorizare audio in preajma dispozitivului 7-10 m.

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GSM Chip 850/900//1800/1900Mhz

GPS Sensibility -159Db

GPS Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz

Positioning precision 5meters, 2D RMS

Speed precision 0.1 m/s

Time for first startup Averagely 60s

Warm startup Averagely 42s

Height limitation Max. 18,000 meters(60,000 feet)

Speed limitation Max. 515 kilometers/second (1000 knots)

Vibration limitation 20m/s


Operational temperature -25° to 65°C

Humidity 5% to 95% Noncondensing

Dimension 66 mm × 46 mm × 14 mm

Voltage 600mAh,3.7V chargeable and dismountable general battery, 5V power supply input voltage

Charging port DC 5V (Mini USBport)

Standby time Around 48 hours (with sleep mode)

LEDlight Indication changes for power on and power off

Press key SOS call key, on-off key

Change of Charging Indicator Lamp

When the host machine is being charged, the light of charger flickers with red and yellow alternately; when it is fully charged, the light will turn into yellow.

Operation Steps

1. Installation of SIM card and battery:

Install the SIM card and battery as for mobile phone and close the rear cover to finish the installation.

2. Power on and power off:

In power-off mode, press on-off key for several seconds and stop pressing by finger until the indicator light is lit; the equipment enters power-on mode when indicator light blacks out after flickering for some times; in power-on mode, press on-off key for several seconds and stop pressing by finger until the indicator light is lit; the equipment enters power-off mode when the indicator light blacks out.

3. On-off testing:

Click the on-off key lightly; if the indicator light is lit, it indicates that this is power-on mode while it indicates this is power-off mode if the light is not lit.

4. Method for applying position services: (please notice that since N8 is sure to be used outdoors, N8 should be placed with the front side facing the sky)

4.1 Dial the number of SIM card inside N8 with mobile phone and hang up the call after it rings for 2-6 seconds; wait for 35 seconds, N8 will return GPS positioning information in form of short message and then determine the physical location of this equipment rapidly with precision degree of 5 meters.

4.2 The format of positioning data:

Longitude = 114 04. 8646

Latitude = 22 32 .5926

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